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Asset Management

One of the greatest strengths I took away from working in multi-family housing is the ability to very quickly access an assets strengths and weaknesses. Most recently I had oversite of a portfolio with 12 communities that consisted of 768 units
Typical Asset management includes:
  • financial review
    • weekly reports
    • monthly reports
    • annual budgets
    • break even analysis
  • Communication with:
    • ​management agent
    • general partner
    • limited partner
    • syndicator
    • lender
  • Establishing benchmarks
    • ​Increasing revenue
      • ​Rental rates
      • Anxilary income
      • Improve occupancy
    • Improve NOI
      • ​Control expenses
      • improve collections
      • Contract review
    • Track equity pay-in benchmarks
      • ​monitor break even
  • ​​Site visits

​​Site Assessments

On-site assessments from a third party perspective can be an invaluable tool. Whether you have a site that is under peforming or you're trying to prepare for refinancing, sale of property, state/local inspections or an upcoming REAC I can help you get where you need to be!

Looking to create a website for your business to stake your claim on the market? Or, do you have a current website that just needs freshening up? No matter what you need I can help!
Over the years, I have designed and launched several websites for clients based on their business needs. I offer initial startup and long term maintenance. Many clients bundle their websites with a social media management package; this helps you stay active with users across multigenerational channels. Whatever your website or business needs are, I am here to help you navigate.
I can always guarantee that I am priced more affordably than my competitors, who always charge thousands just to get your site off the ground! I keep my overhead low and your success in mind.
Visit my contact page and reach out to me in any manner that you are comfortable with and we can discuss your needs and wants with no obligation to contract me or any of my services.
Gone are the days where you could simply run an ad in the weekly circular or post some flyers on the corner.

Marketing today has, for some, become very complex. Because most often you are selling your products across multi generational markets, you need to be where each one of those audiences are:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
There are enough social networking sites out there to make your head spin and I only listed a fraction of them.
Clients have me create their social media much like their websites. I can create them and hand them off or I can create them and manage them. We're all on a budget so I understand wanting exactly what your wallet will allow.
Visit my contact page and reach out to me by any means that you are most comfortable doing so. We can review which of my services will most benefit your current situation.


Need help formatting your blog content or even with what to write this week? Keeping your customer base engaged is critical in keeping them loyal. Just like in a realationship, what you don't do someone else will!

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Print Materials

Designing brochures, booklets and flyers along with banners and business cards is just another service that I can offer your business.
Going to a trade show and need a snappy folder with literature to hand out? No problem! Would you like to create some cohesion of your brand across several markets? I can help with that too. I can offer you:
  • tri-fold brochures
  • bi-fold brochures
  • marketing flyers
  • marketing posters
  • marketing postcards
  • potrait style banners
  • landscaped banners
  • Trade show folders
  • Bound picture books
  • pens and keychains
​Anything your business needs to be successfull I can create.
Visit my contact page and reach out to me. I can do as much or as little as you need, no job is too big or too small. 

Click on the booklet to view sample created for recent client

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